Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunshine On My Shoulders

A day to mark on your calenders, maybe on your loved ones forehead is Sunday March 14, the start of daylight savings! I can hardly wait to turn those clocks forward and start watching the sun stream through my windows a little more each day. Until then I will bask in the joy of pictures of sun and such. I was browsing through a few sites and came across some wonderful shots of outdoor spaces and thought I would share them with you.

Can't you just imagine drinking a tall glass of mint iced tea here?


I can picture lounging on this porch while talking on the phone to my sisters.

This Old House

I'm pretty sure I would sit here year round and just look at the mountains in the background. A warm drink or a cool one would work here.

Pottery Barn

Another spot that you could use in all seasons.

Pottery Barn

This would be such a fun spot to sit with family and friends! Just picture it on hot, steamy nights with a deck of cards.

Coastal Living

Ooh, this is perfect to sit with your partner and talk, or say nothing at all.

Brown and Jordan

I love that this spot makes you think of years past, even if you don't have that many years to think back on.


This spot is so fun, great for kids and adults alike.


This bench can tell a thousand stories. The pillows complete a perfect picture.


Need I say anything at all...


The depth of this porch makes it so versatile. It could host a luncheon, a family gathering or a toy train set.


I know that someone sits here and watches as people stroll down the street. At night you can hear a host of crickets sing into the dark.

Have you seen a cooler looking spot to sit? I swear I felt a breeze as I looked at this picture.

I'm pretty sure I can now make it a few more weeks.
Tell me where your favorite outdoor spot is!


Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

That's what I'm talking about! Gorgeous outdoor spaces. I'd take any one of them. Porches are my favorite outdoor space to relax. Great blog! Tammy

Lori said...

I was born, raised, and still live in Virginia! The first pottery barn porch picture reminds me of the mountains that I look at everyday.

You have a great blog!

beachy keen girl said...

This makes me wish I lived somewhere warm where I could enjoy sitting outside all year round. I love couches outdoors - they look so perfect for curling up on and just enjoying the beauty of nature :)